Resilience is just good business.

You can’t be immune from risk—but you can be prepared. Learn how modernized risk management brings security, agility, and opportunity.


Risks are evolving—it’s time to adapt your risk management.

There are no more “black swan” events. Risks exist at every point in your supply chain—cyber, regulatory, geopolitical, environment, and financial—and most risk management systems were not designed for such complexity.

Forward thinking organizations are using a Resilience Operations Center (ROC) to meet modern risks head-on, gain visibility, and speed their reaction time. Read this book to understand why a ROC is a vital business practice and put your supply chain on the path toward operational resilience. Get insights into:

  • Ensuring risk management objectives are tied to organizational goals.
  • Removing silos to form agile and informed teams
  • Using automation and data to improve and speed decision making
  • Coordinating with partners to improve product and service delivery.



Cyberattacks. Pandemics. Shipping delays.

More disruptions are coming. Learn how competitive, resilient organizations are modernizing their approach to risk management for operational resilience.